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HISTORICAL-SE02:The five mountains of Hitachi – The mountains where the god of war dwells.

The five mountains, called “Five Mountains of Hitachi,” have long been considered sacred places of mountain worship.
They share a deep connection to historical figures who are revered as warrior gods, such as Kurosaka no Mikoto’s conquest of the northern part of Japan in ancient times long before the era of the Yamato Imperial Court and Sakagami Tamuramaro’s march on barbarians, and Minamoto no Yoshie, the founder of the “Northern Samurai” during his conquest of Oshu (the northernmost province of Japan).
The rugged geography and rocky shape of the mountain have also given it power as a mountain for mountain asceticism. The Hitachi-Gozan mountains, which secretly protect the northern region of Ibaraki Prefecture, are so powerful and have such a long history that they cannot be ignored even by those in power at the time.

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