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HISTORICAL-SE01:Legend of the water and the horse – a cherished possession

Hananuki Valley is home to waterfalls large and small, and their mysterious beauty has captured the hearts of people since ancient times. Many legends have been left behind at the waterfalls with names such as Nameri-ga-fuchi pool and Fudo-taki Fall.
It is interesting to note that many of the legends depict yokai-like monsters or describe mysterious phenomena, and as a result, the contents imply water hazards. Also, content involving horses is involved, and in the legend of Nabarigafuchi, it is said that the area was hit by a great flood as a reward for sinking a colt into the abyss out of fear of the oddly shaped colt.
In Takahagi, horse production flourished, especially during the Edo period. This legend was probably born out of a sense of reverence for the lives of horses, which were cherished in the region, and for the uncontrollable flow of the river.

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