Ibaraki Kenpoku Long Trail Field Survey Report ②

October 10, 2021 Field survey was conducted

Participants led by the Ibaraki Kenpoku Long Trail Cooperation Corps conducted a field survey to determine the location of the signpost.
We walked in the trekking style from the Ryujin Big Suspension Bridge to Kegano, which we had maintained by ourselves. We were blessed with the weather this time as well, and were able to walk the course of about 11 km.

Field survey (October 10, 2021)

 Twelve members of the cooperation team participated.
This is the fourth field training for maintenance and utilization leaders.
This time we are equipped with pruning shears, a rake, and a saw.
I will walk while doing maintenance.
Field survey and departure.Where maintenance activities were inadequate
We will replenish the tape.
The sugi forest was a series of fallen trees.
I cut and removed one by one in cooperation.
Go through the woods and follow the path of the village.
Take a break at the first view point, Iwaone.While looking at the mountains of Okukuji such as Mt. Nantai and Mt. Chofuku
I ate a rice ball.
Do not rush in a steep place and go down carefully.One of the highlights is the arrival at the land allocation.
You can also go down into the land allocation.
How much is the height difference?
Looking up, it looks like this.
Scary and calm
It was a strange feeling.
Next is the removal of dead Sugi.
Especially in the sugi forest
It seems that regular maintenance is required.
Maintenance started unexpectedly.
To Nishikanasa Shrine Observatory
The route has been neatly maintained.
Now you can walk comfortably to the observatory.With Nishikanasa Shrine in the back,
Head to the road used for the small festival.
Full-scale autumn leaves are still a little ahead,
The ground of the forest was full of autumn.
Aster microcephalus was in bloom.
It is a dark blue chrysanthemum that blooms in the field and is a nokongiku.
Along the road of the village,
You can see the lacquered tree.
If you walk further,
A magnificent view overlooking the village spreads out.
A pleasant breeze was blowing.
Take a break at the well water in the village.Tokugawa Mitsukuni was soaked in Ochanomizu during his trip
There seems to be a legend.
The inside is like this
You can replenish cool and delicious water.
Replenish water and continue the rest of the way.
The torii gate of Higashikanasa Shrine, which is paired with Nishikanasa Shrine it was steadily built.Even though I saw it for the first time, there was a nostalgic signboard.
The historic cityscape you can feel like you have slipped back in time.
In Satoyama, you can feel the signs of autumn little by little.
I am looking forward to the full-scale autumn leaves in the future.
Finally, I looked back on the day and broke up.
Thank you to all the participants!

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