Ibaraki Kenpoku Long Trail Course Maintenance Report ⑫

June 12,2022 Maintenance performed.

Participants,mainly from the Ibaraki Kenpoku Long Trail Cooperation Team,maintained the Mt.Tatsuware Yonehira trailhead to the top of Mt.Tatsuware.
Although it was an existing trail,it was in an indistinct state with overgrowth of Japanese oaks and thorns,but thanks to the cooperation of all participants,it was restored to a clear and beautiful path with a clear view. Thank you,participants!

Course maintenance (June 12,2022)


30 cooperative members participated in the event.It is raining,so the meeting is under the eaves.
Before maintenance ①.
This is the entrance to the maintenance area.
This is the trailhead for the Yonehira trailhead on Mt.Tatsuware.
Before maintenance ②
The grass was growing vigorously due to the logging.
Before maintenance ③Before maintenance ④
This is a view of the ridge leading to the summit.
I am not sure where the road is.
Before maintenance ⑤.Before maintenance ⑥.
The grass was chest-high and overgrown with sass.
Before maintenance ⑦.
We are looking forward to seeing how it will change after the maintenance.
Maintenance has started.
The trailhead was weeded with a mower.
In a single row,the weeds are cut with pruning shears.It is getting cleaner and cleaner.
The mowed grass is moved out of the way with a rake.As we mowed the rustling,we found a number of fallen trees.
It was cut short with a saw and moved out of the way.The scheduled maintenance of the area was completed in the morning.
Lunch is at the summit of Mt.Tatsuware.
After maintenance ①.
The trailhead was overgrown with grass
turned out so beautiful.
After maintenance ②.
After maintenance ③.After maintenance ④.
After maintenance ⑤.
You will be able to walk without worrying about the grass underfoot.
After maintenance ⑥.
After maintenance ⑦.
Fallen trees have been moved and you can walk comfortably.
After finishing the work,we descend the mountain.
The backs of the cooperative members are very encouraging.
In the mountains,hydrangea hirta were in full bloom.
Thank you,participants,for braving the rain!


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