Ibaraki Kenpoku Trail Course Maintenance Report ⑤

June 20, 2021 Maintenance was carried out

Participants centered on the Ibaraki Kenpoku Long Trail Cooperation Corps,
The existing mountain trails of Oenjikoshi-Kagoiwa-Akiyama have been improved.
We mainly performed weeding work, and the view became wider than before, making it an easy-to-walk mountain trail.

Course maintenance (June 20, 2021)

This time, 20 members of the cooperation team
participated in the event.
This time, we will divide it into 3 groups for maintenance.
This group is looking up at Mt. Nantai
We aim to reach the starting point of maintenance, Oenjikoshi.
From Oenjikoshi to Kagoiwa.
The entrance was reasonably overgrown.
While mowing the grass with pruning scissors,
Follow the mountain trail little by little.
The number of bamboo grass has gradually increased.
Carefully mow from the root.
While my feet slip after the rain,
The fallen trees on the mountain trail were also carefully cut.
We all have a lunch break in a pleasant breeze.In the afternoon
I just mowed the sasa that grows vigorously.
Sasa is thick and dark feetBright enough to be mistaken
It’s very easy to walk.
The destination is
I could hardly see it, but
The field of view is open,
It became a beautiful mountain trail.
When you go up to the ridge,
You can see Mt. Nantai and Mt. Nyotai.
The rounded Mt. Nyotai is Mt. Chofuku.
After the fight with Sasa,
I took a short break while gazing at the
superb view.
Kirinso was in full bloom at the rocky
area at my feet.
Meet at Takatori Rock
We reported each result.
After the maintenance,
Carefully descend the steep rocks.
On the way down the mountain
I also met Pyrola japonica.
Blessed with the weather, it was a fulfilling maintenance activity.
Thank you to all the participants.

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