Ibaraki Kenpoku Long Trail Course Maintenance Report ⑥

Maintenance was carried out on July 11, 2021.

Participants centered on the Ibaraki Kenpoku Long Trail Cooperation Corps,
We have maintained Okameyama-Nishikanasa Shrine.
Weeding, collecting grass, cutting fallen trees, etc.
The trail is clearer and easier to walk than before.
We had bad weather in the afternoon, but we were able to descend safely.

Course maintenance (July 11, 2021)

This time, 26 members of the cooperation
team participated in the event.
I am worried about the rain from the
I arrived at the mountain climbing point.
Move with your own tools.
Head to the maintenance point.
Due to the heavy rain the day before
My feet were muddy.
Bamboo and trees fell down on the
mountain trail before maintenance,
It was a hindrance to progress.
For such a fallen tree
The chainsaw seems to be a big success.
Overgrown with grass,
It was difficult to see the mountain trail.
Maintenance has finally started.
Bamboo, which had poor visibility, was
cut down and I will put it aside.
Cut the vegetation with the
pruning scissors.
Where the grass is terrible,
Introducing a brush cutter.
We also collect grass with a rake,
which is perfect.
The fallen tree will be removed
by two people.
Branches that break when you touch them
I cut it carefully.
How, this time
A boy in the third grade of elementary
school also participated.
How to use the rake is perfect.
Weeding and collecting grass is the revival
of the mountain trail.
The fallen trees have been removed and
my feet are clean.
The cut fallen tree
It seems to be a chair during a break.
To a mountain trail that makes you want
to go on and on I was reborn.
With the fallen leaves that have fallen for many years,
The ground is fluffy.
In this maintenance section, you
can also meet the land allocation.
It was work while feeling the power of the earth.
this day is,
The friends of Dwarf lilyturf were in full bloom.
Participants, in unstable weather
Thank you for your cooperation.

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