Hitachi-no-Kuni Long Trail Course Maintenance Report 28

December 23, 2023 Course maintenance was performed.

Course maintenance (Dec. 23, 2023)

We conducted the last Hitachi-no-Kuni Long Trail course maintenance activity of the year.

The maintenance activities this time were maintenance and survey activities around the Mizunuma Dam.

It was a chilly, dignified morning,
but the weather was clear and
pleasant with sunshine,
a fitting end to the year.
Thank you all for coming early this
Before work begins, we hold a thorough
meeting with all members of the team.

Now it’s time to start maintenance!
The blue winter sky peeking through
the trees encourages the feeling.
Bamboos and other plants will grow in
already maintained areas, so we will
carefully cut them down.
Some frost remains in the shade.
The contrast with the occasional ray of
sunlight is also the charm of this season.
Lunch time in the warm sun.
We talk about the mountains we
climbed this year and the upcoming
Hitachi-no-Kuni Long Trail.

Some routes are filled with dead
branches and fallen leaves.…

After maintenance, the trail was
clear and bright!
We are almost at the end of this year’s
maintenance activities.
We will work carefully until the
last scratch.
Thank you to all first-time participants
and parents and children.
How was the valuable experience of
creating a new route?
We look forward to working
with you next year!

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