Local Guides Geo & Nature Story 06

GEO & NATURE-06: Oenchi-Kamazawakoshi’s strange rocks

Ibaraki Prefecture North Long Trail Course
From C-45 Oenjikoshi to C-53 Sawakoshi,
The mountain ridge leading to the south
It is called “Okukuji Rock Ridge”.

The eastern side is a relatively calm mountain,
Seen from the west, it is a peak with steep rock walls.
Because ups and downs continue
It is a course that makes your legs groan.

Fresh green and autumn leaves, etc.
A forest that shows a vivid appearance every season,
The contrast of the rocky ridge is really wonderful.

Occasionally the front of my eyes opens up,
Far from the Okukuji massif
Coupled with a good view overlooking the Nasu mountain range,
Okukuji Iwaridge never gets tired
It is a fulfilling trail.

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