Local Guides History Story 06

HISTORICAL-06: The ruins of a difficult castle, a mysterious festival

Nishikanasa Shrine of C-75 / 76
It has also been a stage of fierce battles since the end of the Heian period.

To realize the world of samurai at the end of the Heian period
Minamoto no Yoritomo raised troops and settled in the Kanto region.
We will collide with Mr. Satake, a leading samurai in this region.

The battle at the site of Nishikinsago Castle, a natural fortress on a precipitous cliff,
It made Yoritomo suffer a lot.

The big festival held once every 72 years is
Among these various historical movements
It has been continued quietly.

The next festival will be in 2075,
You should be on the same path as the trail.

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