Ibaraki Kenpoku Long Trail Course Maintenance Report ③

A maintenance event was held in the fall of 2020

Participants centered on the Ibaraki Kenpoku Long Trail Cooperation Corps,
Part of the course commonly known as the “Daigo Alps”
Weeding, cutting, etc.
We have prepared a trail that can be mistaken.

The developed course is located in the central area, which was partially opened earlier.
It is a course with a good walk overlooking the Kuji River.
Why don’t you take a trip to Satoyama, which is dyed in Moegi this spring.

Maintenance event ③ (November 28)

The autumn sky
Divide into two groups and leave!
A course with intense ups and downs,
I will walk energetically.
While sweeping the thick fallen leaves
I proceeded little by little.
Okukuji in late autumn.
It is quiet and beautiful without being known.
Take a break on a sunny slope.A splendid trail that shines in the blue sky has been created.
You can also meet the spectacular view of the Yamizo Mountains.The sun is shining
It gently illuminates the fallen leaves.
We have taken another step toward the opening.Thank you everyone for your hard work today!

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