On August 27, 2023, the first maintenance experience event of the year, “HIKE & SEIBI” was held!

The first “HIKE&SEIBI” event of the year was held.

The event was held as an event in which anyone could enjoy hiking from “Jyukokubori Water Park” in Kitaibaraki City to the “Jyukokubori” maintenance section and experience maintenance, and hiking around “Takado kohama,” “Manyo no Michi,” and “Sasakihama” in Takahagi City at the same time!

First, we will introduce ourselves.
We will give a thorough explanation of
the itinerary and maintenance.
I was surprised to hear a solid
explanation about the 350-year-old
history of “Jyukokubori” and the great
projects accomplished by our
local ancestors, and to see that
it is still active today!

Start hiking along the boardwalk beside
the waterway to the maintenance section!
The sunlight filtering through the trees
and the sound of the water stream are

We will proceed with explanations at each
point, including the “Takinosawa” water gate.
After the “Takinosawa” water gate, the
road becomes unimproved and
maintenance begins!
Thanks to the shade of the trees and
the waterway, it feels cooler.

The maintenance work is done efficiently
and carefully in groups. Maintenance is
performed with lectures on what tools to
use and what to do with them.

We do not skimp on the details. Even
difficult maintenance work can be
done together, and the progress is
astonishingly fast.

After the maintenance, a commemorative
photo was taken with “Jyukokubori”.
I was hungry, so Let’s Go to Takado Kohama!
It was time for the lunch we had been
waiting for at “Takado Kohama”.
We enjoyed a lunch box from a local
restaurant “Takano” and grilled ham
from “Itsura Ham”!

Lunch time with such a view is a
luxurious moment.

The start of the Takado hike with a
spectacular view on the side!
First, we went to visit the atmospheric
“Kansha” shrine. This approach is already
part of the “Manyo No Michi”.
The route that will become the new
course offers this spectacular view!
One cannot help but feel the history of
the region in the explanation of the
“Manyo No Michi”.
We arrived at today’s final destination,
“Sasaki hama”!
We are immensely impressed by the
coastline as far as the eye can see and
the beautiful rock surfaces.
The participants were all very well
behaved, so they were able to fully enjoy
the whole process without any rain!
The participants were able to fully enjoy
the entire process without any rainfall!

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