Local Guides History Story 05

HISTORICAL-05: The appearance of the Shugendo seen in the Kagoiwa 16 Rakan statue

Kagoiwa near C-56 is
The shape itself formed by erosion is also wonderful,
It was quietly enshrined at my feet
I would also like to pay attention to the 16 Arhat statues.

There is Fudo Waterfall just below Kagoiwa,
A waterfall where you can cleanse yourself and Kagoiwa where you can go
At the same time, I would like to tell you that it was a place for Shugendo.

There are 15 Rakan statues in Kagoiwa Cave,
Another one is in the upper Iwaya
It is said to be secretly enshrined.

The secret historical footprints that you can feel in the mountains
Let’s go find the trail.

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