Ibaraki Prefecture North Long Trail Event Report ③

December 12, 2021 Maintenance experience event was held

A monitor event “Maintenance Experience Event” was held on the escape route of the Ibaraki Prefecture North Long Trail Course.
Twenty-three of the 29 participants participated for the first time.
After step cutting on a steep slope and removing thickly deposited branches and leaves, go trekking for maintenance of this course.
Smooth and careful maintenance has made the obscure escape route incredibly clean.
Thank you to everyone who participated!

Maintenance experience event (December 12, 2021)

29 people participated.
Twenty-three of them participated for the first time.
After sharing the work contents, group them and divide them into groups.
Move to the maintenance point.
This time, the step cutting group, the fallen leaf cleaning group x 2,
Work in a total of 3 groups.
This is the entrance to the escape route.
As you can see in the photo, the road was unclear due to the bush.
What was waiting for me as I went through the bush
A steep slope that makes you look up.
The step cutting team is in charge of this.
The leaf clearing team moves on.
Although there are barely traces of footsteps,
It was slippery on a steep slope.
I’m looking forward to the completion of the steps.
When you climb up the steep slope,
Obscured by thickly deposited branches and leaves
Somehow something like a road appeared.
Not only branches and leaves, but also fallen trees are abundant.
Fallen leaves removal group ① Work has started.
How will it be reborn?
The straight line of the ridge was fluffy with fallen leaves.
It is necessary to create a route to the signpost C6.
It is the confluence with the signpost C6.
Fallen leaves cleaning group ②, work has started.
In the step making group, with a shovel or a hoe
Move forward little by little while making a step.
And so that it won’t collapse in the rain
Carefully step on it with your feet.
The fallen leaves cleaning group ① is
I will clarify the way with a rake.
At the branch between the footsteps and the escape route …
Do not deviate from the escape route
I made a barricade by collecting fallen trees.
The fallen leaves cleaning group ② also makes a road with a rake.
The fluffy fallen leaves seem to be quite formidable.The width of the road gradually widens,
The escape route has been completed.
Some of the participants said that forestry was their job
Some people have done it.
With one thick fallen saw
I cut it in no time.
The work has settled down and it is a lunch break.
Finally the sun came out and it was warm and cheerful
I ate lunch and snacks.
Under the blue sky, the rice you eat with your friends is exceptional.The maintenance was completed earlier than planned, so
Also for maintenance,
I went trekking on this course.
It is a state after maintenance.
The bush at the entrance was widely mowed,
It was bright and clean.
The steep slope is due to the step
You can now climb up and down with confidence.
It makes me want to move on
The road is complete.
The road that was unclear due to the fallen leaves
It’s clear and easy to walk.
The scattered fallen trees are gone,
There is nothing to prevent you from progressing.
For ridges where I didn’t know how to take the route
A fine road has been created.
It is the confluence with the signpost C6.
The road behind the signpost is the escape route.
I got a nice smile ◎
Everyone is working happily from beginning to end
The situation was impressive.
To the escape route prepared this time
It can be accessed from the vicinity of the Onamase Tunnel in Daigo Town.
Please use in conjunction with this course.
Another new road has been pioneered.
Thanks to all participants for their cooperation!

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