Ibaraki Kenpoku Long Trail Course Maintenance Report⑬

September 17, 2022 Maintenance performed.

The participants, mainly from the Ibaraki Long Trail Cooperation Team, maintained the area around Harutomo Sculpture Forest, Kuroiso Bakke, Kunimi Mountain, and Shimodaimon. Although the area was maintained on May 22, some underbrush and bushes had returned after the summer, so we took good care of them with your help!

The detour paths that had been newly developed between the previous and the current activity were cleared of fallen trees and overgrown bamboo grass using chainsaws and hand saws. Although the day was very hot and humid due to an approaching typhoon, we were able to clear the trail thanks to the cooperation of all participants.

Thank you, participants!

Course maintenance (September 17, 2022)

Thirty cooperative members participated in this year’s event.

The meeting is held in the midst of rapidly rising temperatures.

Before maintenance (1): Near the trailhead. Underbrush is thick.

Before maintenance (2): The grass is healthy here, too.

Before maintenance (3): The area is dense before the work.Before maintenance (4): Fallen trees are treated with a chainsaw.

All the cooperative members will proceed with the care.
The more people we have, the more efficiently we can proceed.

The mobility of the pruning scissors and rake team is amazing.
Mower crews are cutting more and more grass.

A fallen tree cut by a chainsaw is carried off the trail.

We all deal with the undergrowth that has been cut by the machine.

Technically demanding work, thank you!

After maintenance (1): The trailhead is much cleaner.After maintenance (2): The overhanging branches have been removed.
After maintenance (3): The trail is now comfortable.After maintenance (4): The trail is now very easy to walk on.
Egg mushrooms were spreading all over the area. I could feel the signs of autumn.

The lingering summer heat has rapidly given way to autumn.
Let’s enjoy climbing mountains while taking care of our physical condition.
Thank you, participants!


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