Local Guide Access Story SE04

ACCESS-SE04:From Tamadare falls~ Irishiken road as an approach road

Just beside the SE-19 Takasuzu entrance is the surprisingly magnificent stream of Tamanorinotaki Falls. It is said that in the old days of Edo, Mitsukuni Tokugawa, the famous Mito no Komon-sama, liked it so much that he became its godfather, and at one time considered making it his place of retreat. However, the Tamanorenji Temple, which Mitsukuni built next to the waterfall, was worshipped along with the waterfall as a temple to pray for easy childbirth.
The narrow path leading in from SE-19 follows the headwaters of Tamanoren Falls, and is an old path leading to the direction of the Miwa Shrine. It is possible that there was once a prayer path from Tamanoren Waterfall to Mt.。

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