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ACCESS-SE01:“My Ride Noruru,”~Bath systems for the new era

Since cars are commonly used to access the Hananuki district of Takahagi City, northern Ibaraki Prefecture, shown in this map, parking spaces are often in short supply during the popular autumn foliage season and other times of the year. Takahagi City has introduced a new system, “My Ride Noruru,” to improve these transportation problems.
When you want to use a bus, call up the system via an application or phone call, and AI will determine the best place to get on and off, route, and operation time, making it a convenient, state-of-the-art transportation system.
Calls can also be made near the bus stop “Wano” shown in this map. We hope you will enjoy using the new-age buses to reach the SE-01 Hananuki Gorge entrance, while stopping at Hananuki Dam and the park.

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