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GEO&NATURE-SE03:The flow of “Satogawa,” – A river immediately adjacent to the river that enriches people’s lives

The clear stream that flows along National Route 349 is simply named “Satogawa,” and as the name implies, it enriches the villages in this region. The headwaters are located in the Satomi region in the northernmost part of Ibaraki Prefecture, and although the river is long, stretching 50 km to Hitachiota, it does not flow too thickly and offers beautiful views in harmony with the landscape of the village in various places. The river has brought not only water but also abundant resources to the basin, such as the catch of sweetfish.
In the Meiji era (1868-1912), a hydroelectric power plant was built in the basin utilizing the flow of the Satogawa River, which supported the development of the Hitachi Mine and also sent electricity to the town of Ota, lighting up the city early on. The modern substation buildings still carefully preserved today remind us of the activities of those days. Why not take a walk along the Satogawa River, which enriches every corner of the lives of the people living in the basin in various ways, and enjoy a close-up view of its flow?

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