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GEO&NATURE-SE04:“Takasuzu Prefectural Natural Park”- “One Hundred Famous Mountains of Flowers”

The entire Hitachi Alps area, including Mt. Takasuzu in SE-25, is designated as “Takasuzu Prefectural Natural Park,” and its outstanding natural scenic spots are carefully protected and enjoyed by all. Among them, Mt. Takasu is also known as one of the “One Hundred Famous Mountains of Flowers”, and was widely introduced as a mountain with lovely flowering plants.
The eastern side of the Hitachi Alps has a history of prosperity as the Hitachi Mine, where rich underground resources were produced from old strata. At that time, the mountain area was severely damaged by smoke pollution from the mine, but thanks to prompt measures against smoke pollution, as seen in the large smoke stacks, and subsequent environmental protection activities, Mt.
As the name suggests, spring at Mt.Takasuzu is filled with flowers. When the mighty Oshima cherry trees planted to prevent smoke pollution softly color the mountain, other flowering trees and plants also burst into bud, brightening the hearts of travelers walking on the mountain.

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