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GEO&NATURE-SE01:Dam with a view of the sea – Wish thinking between it and the mountains

Hananuki Dam is popular as a rare “dam with a view of the sea,” which accounts for only a little over 1% of the many dams in Japan. Most dams are usually built deep in the mountains, and it is rare for a dam like Hananuki Dam to be located 10 km from the sea and only 5 km from the city, but this is deeply related to the topography of Hananuki and Takahagi City. The Hananuki River, which flows through the granite geology, is a small river with its headwaters in the Ohno district, slightly north of the Hananuki Valley. The Hananuki Dam was built between the mountains and the town to meet the long-held desire for flood control and the rapidly increasing demand for water utilization due to the development of coal mining and industry.

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