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A sacred place for comic books? -eye-catching oddly shaped rocks

Tachiwariishi (sword splitting stone)is the most eye-catching of the huge rock formations scattered around Mt.Tatsuware. As the name suggests, the rock, which has a diameter of 6 metres, appears to have been split in half.It is said that during the Genpei period, Minamoto no Yoshiie, on his way to conquer Oshu, swung a sword that he had been given in a dream and the rock split in two. From this anecdote, the name of the mountain, which used to be ‘Mt.Kurosaki’, was changed to ‘Mt.Tatsuware’.The power of the rock and the magnificence of its cross-section give the impression that it has really been cut by a sword, as legend has it.
The Tachiwariishi, with its heroic anecdotes, has recently been the subject of a new controversy, as it resembles the large rock on which the protagonist of a popular comic book cuts his sword. The area around the Tachiwariishi also contains the remains of a kiln and large trees that recall important scenes from the manga, so in recent years, Mt.Tatsuware is attracting new and unconventional attention as a sacred place for manga. The mysterious appearance of the Tachiwariishi and Mt.tatsuware triggers all sorts of imaginations.It is also a unique way to enjoy walking in a traditional mountain area from a different perspective.

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