May 30, 2022 Published in Ibaraki Kodomo Shimbun

The Ibaraki Children’s Newspaper introduced the Ibaraki Kenpoku Long Trail Project and the opening course.
This is a report of the reporter’s actual experience of walking the “Ryujin Suspension Bridge – Akaiwa Village – Okameyama – Okameiwa,” one of the highlights of the course that opened this year, guided by Mr. and Mrs. Konoto, who are involved in trail maintenance as members of the Ibaraki Kenpoku Long Trail Cooperation Team. The report describes the various charms of the Kitasato Mountains that can be experienced through a “walking trip” and is accompanied by photos overflowing with greenery. Translated with (free version)

We invite you to read the Ibaraki Children’s Newspaper and enjoy the Ibaraki Kenpoku Long Trail with your children.

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