Ibaraki Kenpokui Long Trail Course Maintenance Report ⑪

May 22,2022 Maintenance performed.

Participants,mainly from the Ibaraki Kenpoku Long Trail Cooperation Team,maintained the Kuroiso Bakke and Kunimi Mountain areas.
Most of the work was done in areas where there were no existing trails,but with the help of all participants,we were able to open up new clear paths with good visibility. Thank you,participants!

Course maintenance (May 22,2022)

This time,23 cooperative members
participated in the event.
We walk to the maintenance area with maintenance tools in hand.
Finally,we enter the mountain.The fresh green forest was alive with the previous day’s rain.
This is the view from Kuroiso Bakke.
Although the elevation is only 197 meters above sea level
You can enjoy a sense of altitude and satoyama scenery.
Before maintenance ①.
We arrived at the maintenance point.
The path is obscured by thick underbrush.
Before maintenance ②Before maintenance ③
I can’t see the destination well.
Before maintenance ④.
We are looking forward to seeing how it will change after the maintenance.
Maintenance has started.
Mow steadily with pruning shears.
Thick fallen trees were carried cooperatively out of the path.The mowed underbrush is moved out of the way with a rake.
After the morning maintenance,it is time for lunch.
Good luck this afternoon!
Heading to the next maintenance area.
Before maintenance ⑤.
The sassa bushes are so deep that it is difficult to move forward.
Before maintenance ⑥.
Before maintenance ⑦.
We are looking forward to seeing how it will change after the maintenance.
Afternoon maintenance begins.
The troublesome sassas are cut and moved out of the way one by one.
Remove thick accumulations of fallen leaves in moderation.Fallen cedar trees are not overlooked.
After maintenance ①.
This may be a little confusing…
A beautiful entrance was made.
After maintenance ②.
You will be able to walk without worrying about the grass underfoot.
After maintenance ③.After maintenance ④.
I can now see well ahead of the trail.
After maintenance ⑤.After maintenance ⑥.
Hard to believe it’s the same place…!
After maintenance ⑦.
The light on the ground made for a beautiful trail.
After completing the maintenance,we will descend the mountain.
On the way down the mountain,we saw a rainbow from Kuroiso Bakke.It was hard maintenance with deep bushes,
We were able to complete the maintenance without any injuries.
Thank you,participants!




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