Ibaraki-Kenpoku Long Trail Course Maintenance Report -22

June 25, 2023 First course maintenance of the year.

Course maintenance (June 25, 2023)

The first maintenance activity of this fiscal year was a new maintenance project in the Kitaibaraki area.

This was a large-scale project that included the development of new trails, but thanks to the hard work of the cooperative team, we were able to successfully complete the targeted section of work.

We had a thorough meeting for the
first maintenance of the year.
After the meeting, we move to the
maintenance area. The conversation is
lively as the maintenance work has
not been done for a while.
Everyone’s steps are light!

The maintenance will now begin.
This maintenance will begin with the
formulation of a new route.
Now, where are the routes that
are passable?

Once the route location is determined,
the deep, thick bushes are cleared.
Can you see this bushiness?
We will make a path from here.

The path through the trees on the ridge
Imagine the new path as you work.

Working together,
they also removed large trees.

Blue skies were visible as maintenance
Finally, the trail is ready.

On the return trail, you could easily
mistake it for a trail that had been
there before.

On the way home, we had an end
meeting at nearby Mount Akane.
And a photo was taken.
Some first-time participants said,
“It was fun because I rarely get to
experience something like this! “
Once again, we would like to
thank all the participants for
their hard work!

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