On December 2-3, 2023, we held the “2-Day Hitachi-no-Kuni Long Trail Trekking Monitor Tour,” a two-day walking event along the Hitachi-no-Kuni Long Trail!

A two-day “Hitachi-no-Kuni Long Trail Trekking Monitor Tour” was held to walk the newly established course of the Hitachi-no-Kuni Long Trail!

“Hananuki Valley” – Mt.”Tsuchidake” – Mt.”Tatsuwaresan” – overnight stay – Mt.”Takasuzuyama” – “Oiwa Shrine” on a route that spans Takahagi City and Hitachi City, and as an event to thoroughly enjoy the attractive spots of the Hitachi-no-Kuni Long Trail over two days.

This was a very attractive event where participants could discover new attractions of the Hitachi-no-Kuni Long Trail and the northern part of the prefecture, centering on the southeast course that was newly established last year.

Day 1. We gathered at Takahagi Station
under clear skies and headed for
“Hananuki Valley” by chartered bus.
Upon arrival at the “Hananuki
parking” lot, the event started
with a greeting, an explanation
of the itinerary, and
self-introductions by all
The first place we visited was
“Shiomitaki Suspension Bridge”,
a highlight of “Hananuki Valley”!
The beauty of the valley and the
surprisingly shaky suspension
bridge make me nervous as I
continue along the walking path.
Arrive at the “Kotakizawa Campsite”,
which is also the trailhead for the
Mt.”Tsuchidake” trail.
We will do a thorough preparation
exercise before climbing
in the ope space.

The climber counter at the
Mt.”Tsuchidake” trailhead will be
explained to you about the initiatives
of the Hitachi-no-Kuni Long Trail
and how the counter works.
I hope more and more people will use it.
The path is a carpet of fluffy fallen leaves
that is pleasant to step on and is easy
on the feet and varied in its path.

At the summit of the wide-open
Mt.”Tsuchidake”, there was an
observatory and a great view
that could be seen all the way to the sea!
We will then descend to
“Keyakidaira Campsite” for lunch.

After lunch, we boarded a bus to our next
We will follow the course newly opened
last year to the summit.

Familiar with that Anime?
Mt.”Tatsuwaresan” ‘s famous
“tachiwari-ishi” (sword splitting stone).
It actually feels larger than it looks in
the picture. It is overwhelming.
The first day’s itinerary ended without
incident, and we went to
“KAMISUWA Sanso”.After the bath and
dinner, we had a session on the past
and future of the
Hitachi-no-Kuni Long Trail.
Afterwards, there will be a reception
where participants can discuss various
topics with each other.

Morning of the Day 2.
In the fresh air and clear skies,
we departed from “KAMISUWA Sanso”
and headed for Mt.”Takasuzuyama”.
There is an observation deck at the
top of Mt.”Takasuzuyama”
Leaving Mt. “Takaruzuyama” behind,
we will head for Mt.”Oiwasan”,
which has long been considered a sacred
place of faith and “Shugendo”
(mountain asceticism).
From the top of Mt.”Oiwa”, visit the
“Kabire Jingu” and head for
the “Oiwa Shrine”.
At the “Oiwa Shrine”, we were given
that is usually difficult to hear.
I am struck by the various events that
have been handed down in this area since
ancient times and the actions that continue
to carefully protect this land even today.
After visiting the “Oiwa Shrine”,
we went to the sea, which we had just
gazed at from a distance!
Lunch time at “Unoshima Villa”
located in a spectacular view,
using plenty of local ingredients.
The event ended with the completion
of the entire two-day process.
We hope all participants enjoyed the event.
We encourage you to walk the
Hitachi-no-Kuni Long Trail again,
which will be further extended in the future.
This trip was a walk along a newly established course. The route was well worth walking, with approaches from trailheads that are usually difficult to access and traverses that are difficult to traverse.

We received a lot of feedback from participants, including”I got to come to a place I wouldn’t normally be able to come to on my own!” “Even low mountains can be a lot of fun.” “I was glad to hear explanations at the “Oiwa Shrine” that I wouldn’t normally hear.”

It is also a luxurious course that allows visitors to enjoy the ocean and mountains, unique to this area where the distance from the coastline to the top of the mountain is short.

A route leading to the coast is scheduled to open next year, so if you have a chance, why not try walking it?

We would also like to express our sincere gratitude to all those who cooperated with us.

The Hitachi-no-Kuni Long Trail will continue to open up new routes in the future, so please look forward to it.

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