Ibaraki Kenpoku Long Trail Course Maintenance Report ①

A maintenance event was held in the fall of 2020

Participants centered on the Ibaraki Kenpoku Long Trail Cooperation Corps,
We held an event to maintain a part of the course,also known as the “Daigo Alps”.
Weeding,mowing,etc. were carried out to create a trail that could be mistaken.

The developed course is located in the central area,which was partially opened earlier.
It is a course with a good walk overlooking the Kuji River.
Why don’t you take a trip to Satoyama,which is dyed in Moegi this spring.

Maintenance event ① (September 26,2020)

Many participants in bad weather,
Thank you very much.
To the people of the Daigo Forestry Association I was taught how to use the tools.
Push through the bushes taller than you are aim for the planned maintenance site.The maintenance has finally started.
For overgrown weeds The brush cutter is very useful.The mown branches and leaves are collected securely with a rake.
Slopes that are easy to trip over at the roots of trees,
Carefully maintained.
Of course,there are also flat roads. We are particular about the details.
Cut off dangerous branches overhead.A confusing trail has been completed.
The ground, which has been piled up with humus for a long time, is a soft and superb trail.After descending the mountain,there will be a meeting by the participants.
Thank you for your hot opinion.


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