Ibaraki Prefecture North Long Trail Field Survey Report ③

October 17,2021 Field survey was conducted

Participants led by the Ibaraki Prefecture North Long Trail Cooperation Corps conducted a field survey to determine the location of the signpost.
We walked over the Otokoyama Daienchi-Ryujin Big Suspension Bridge,which we had maintained by ourselves,in a trekking style.
This time,the temperature was low from the morning,and the survey was conducted in the rain,but I was able to walk the course of about 11 km safely.

Field survey (October 17,2021)

14 people from the cooperation team participated.
This is the 5th field training for maintenance and utilization leaders.
This day is during the activity this year
It was the coldest and it was raining.
It is a good departure with waterproof and cold protection equipment.Immediately,a fallen tree was waiting.
It absorbs moisture and is heavy and heavy.
Eight cooperating teams will carefully lift it.

Do not get in the way of the mountain trail
Move it to a safe place.
Because my feet are slippery on the slope,
Talk to each other,carefully and slowly.
The movement of the fallen tree is completed safely.
It’s one of the tasks that you can’t let your guard down
We will cooperate with safety first.

Next is the cutting of fallen trees.
The thick branches were cut while taking turns.
After a little progress,there was a fallen tree again.
Also carefully lift this up
After checking the surrounding situation,
I moved it to a safe place.
Mt. Nantai and Mt. Nyotai in the moist rain
I just stare at it.
From Iwaone,you can also see the village surrounded by mountains.
It was also raining and quiet time was flowing.
There is also a place where you can see Takatori Rock
Please come on a sunny day ◎
There is also a place where you can walk along the beautiful river.
A sloping slope continued.
It’s slippery in the rain,so climb more carefully than usual.
Where the rock was exposed and cut off
I made good use of the roots and chains of the tree to climb up.
We have arrived at the summit of Mt. Akiyama.
By this time,the rain had stopped and the sky was bright.
I overlooked the fantastic mountains where the rain evaporates.
It is a valley heading to Kamegabuchi.
After all,with a series of fallen trees,maintenance begins naturally.
Everyone carried it out and the mountain trail was clean.Arrived at Kamegabuchi.
The water that has flowed down shave the rocks at the bottom of the vortex.
It seems that a deep pool has been created.
On the way back to the meeting place
I discovered the taste of autumn “Akebi”.
Eat the white jelly-like part that covers the black seeds.
It is a gentle,natural sweetness.
It was also the fruit of Japanese pepper.
The black one is the seed,
When you bite the red part around
I feel a spicy stimulus in my mouth.
I walked through the planned section safely this time as well.
Thank you in the rain!




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