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GEO&NATURE-SE05:Topography that gave rise to mountain castles~Outstanding scenery (bakkei) “Bakke”

“Bakke” in SE-35 Kuroiso Bakke means cliff, and it is said to be a dialect word. Indeed, the SE-35-38 area lies to the east of a major fault called the Tanagura Fracture Zone, and it is believed that the cliffs were created as a result of the displacement of the earth that occurred in prehistoric times.It is said that the name “Bakke” comes from the climb is very scenic, and “outstanding scenery(bakkei)”.
The area around SE-35 is a very steep slope because it is the beginning of the ascent to the cliff land. There is an anecdote that during the Genpei period (1467-1568), Minamoto no Yoshiie noticed the good view and climbed up the slope to inspect it in order to build a mountain castle, and the slope is also known as Kamakurazaka, which translates to “Kamakura slope. In fact, a group of mountain castles were built in the vicinity of SE-42 Kunimi Mountain during the Satake clan’s reign.
In the fall, the cliffs are decorated with autumn leaves, and a spectacular view can be seen from the foot of the mountain. We hope you will enjoy the exquisite view as you walk through the “buckeye” in peace.

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