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HISTORICAL-SE05:From Satake to Tokugawa – the land loved by our predecessors

The Satake clan, based in Hitachiota in the Heian period, maintained its power in the northern part of Ibaraki for about 500 years until the beginning of the Edo period, despite being caught up in the movements of the central government at different times. The city of Hitachiota has a large number of remains related to the Satake Clan.
In the Warring States period, the Satake clan was a feudal lord with a large presence, with 540,000 koku, in a land that was blessed with the third largest gold mine in Japan, the production of war horses, and rice production.
The second Tokugawa lord, Mitsukuni, was particularly concerned about the northern part of the prefecture, and the strong feelings of the Tokugawa family toward the Satake clan can still be seen today in the cemetery built just below the southern foot of Mount Kunimi.

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