Original item planning / development selection result

Ibaraki-kenpoku Long Trail Original item planning and development recruitment was carried out for the purpose of creating more attractiveness and increasing awareness of the Ibaraki-kenpoku Long Trail and the Ibaraki prefecture north region.
Two cases were selected in the development plan section and four cases were selected in the idea section.

[Development plan department]

Applicant name and development plan name ①
Maria Wada “hajimari Walking Trip Cafe”

Original package drip pack coffee and tea that can be used as a souvenir, oatmeal cookie drink set

Applicant name and development plan name ②
Ibaraki Prefectural Mito Daisan High School Yuki Odabe, Yui Hirasawa “Trinotrico”

Okukuji-shamo Salad Chicken Jerky, processed to be eaten on the trail as a portable meal

[Idea section]

Applicant name and item name ①
Maiko Ishikawa “TETRA”

A palm-sized portable lantern made of Japanese paper fiber and mulberry wood

PR points
Uses scraps that are thrown away in the production and processing process of Daigo Nasu Kozo, a special product of Daigo Town, where the Ibaraki-kenpoku Long Trail Course is located.
By building a product brand, we will promote the Ibaraki Prefecture North Long Trail and Oko Nasu Kozo.

Applicant name and item name ②
Kazuko Saito “Kapitaremochi”

Mochi, a portable food made by wrapping local ingredients in bamboo leaves, etc.

PR points
By using locally-sourced bamboo leaves for packaging, it is expected to be effective as a preservative in addition to reducing packaging waste.
The aim is to create a new attraction for the Ibaraki-kenpoku Long Trail by utilizing various rice cake cultures that are local foods for action foods.

Applicant name and item name ③
Hisako Ikeda “Shishi bell”

A bell aimed at protecting wild boars instead of a bell that protects bears

PR points
Bear bells are widely used as an indispensable item for mountaineers, but since bears do not live in Ibaraki prefecture, they are manufactured and sold as unique “Shishi bells”.
Contributing to forestry and environmental conservation in the northern part of the Ibaraki prefecture by using scraps and thinned wood

Applicant name and item name ④
Satomi Morio “KOME BAR & SOBA BAR”

Portable yokan made from rice and soba from the north of the prefecture

PR points
It features an original flavor using rice, Hitachi Aki Soba, which is a specialty of the northern part of the Ibaraki prefecture.
Contribute to food loss by using old rice and surplus rice
Assuming limited flavors using local ingredients such as apples depending on the season

We are looking for companies who can cooperate in item development and sales.

If you are interested in the details, development and sales of the ideas selected in the Ideas category,
Please contact the following inquiries.

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Ibaraki Prefecture Policy Planning Department Nagasaki Prefecture Government Office
TEL: 029-301-2715

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