Maintenance information: Information on maintenance activities in December

We will carry out maintenance activities in December

In the field survey in October, thanks to the efforts of all the participants,
As planned, we were able to carry out a fulfilling survey.
Thank you for your cooperation.

We would like to carry out maintenance activities in December according to the following schedule, so please join us.
Schedule: Sunday, December 26, 2021
Implementation location: Hitachiota City
Capacity: First 20 people
* Participants will be notified by email about the details of the day such as the meeting place.
▼ Participation application form ▼

Click here to apply for maintenance activities

* There are adjustments depending on the number of participants, so
Please apply for participation from the above link in advance.
▼ Please register and participate in the Ibaraki Prefecture North Long Trail Cooperation Corps ▼

Click here to register for the cooperation team

We look forward to your participation!

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