Course information : Bear sightings reported

Please pay attention to information about bear sightings.

The Ibaraki Prefectural Police has sent information that a bear has appeared near the course of the Ibaraki-Kenpoku Long Trail.

※Below, from the Ibaraki Prefectural Police distribution “Hibari-kun Crime Prevention Mail”
◆Around 12:30 p.m. on June 10, there was a sighting of a bear in the vicinity of Mt.”明山”(Myousan,Myouyama,Akeyama) at “常陸大宮市 諸沢”(Morosawa Area,Hitachiomiya City).

◆If you see a bear…
・Don’t approach carelessly.
・Leave the place.
・Don’t stimulate.

and Please leave the area and call 110(Police Station).

Omiya Police Station
See also the article below.
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(Ibaraki)June 10 noon,Bear sightings Morosawa,Hitachiomiya City.

▼ The Ibaraki Prefectural Police twitter「Please be careful not to get lost on the road.」
Please be careful not to get lost on the road.

Please be sure to use the map and take adequate preparation and precautions before entering the trails to enjoy the “Ibaraki-Kenpoku Long Trail” safely.

Click here to see the map of “Ibaraki-Kenpoku Long Trail”

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