The name will be changed to “Hitachi-no-Kuni Long Trail”

The name will be changed to “Hitachi-no-Kuni Long Trail”

The “Ibaraki Kenpoku Long Trail” which has been underway since FY2020 with the aim of increasing the exchange population, will now be renamed the “Hitachi-no-Kuni Long Trail”!

The trail has so far covered approximately 105 kilometers of the planned 320 kilometers thanks to the cooperation of many volunteers,it is growing into a representative content of Ibaraki Prefecture.

The name “Hitachi-no-Kuni” was adopted as a name that easily conveys the area and brand image both domestically and internationally, and is intended to capture the rapidly recovering tourism demand.

The deep history and living landscape of the old name of the country, “Hitachinokuni,” which has been known since ancient times, overlaps with the experience of the long trail, and is expected to appeal to foreign visitors, furthermore, since the sound sense of “Hitachi” is familiar to foreign countries, we will establish a world-class “Hitachinokuni” area brand under a new name, which will also attract inbound visitors. The change date is October 1 to coincide with the start of the Destination Campaign.

The trails will be in high season for the coming holiday season, so please come visit the “Hitachi-no-Kuni Long Trail”!



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