Ibaraki Kenpoku Long Trail Course Maintenance Report (15)

November 13, 2022 Maintenance performed.

Together with members of the Ibaraki Prefecture North Long Trail Cooperation Team, we conducted maintenance work on the section connecting the Harutomo district and the Hitachi Alps Traverse.

We were able to successfully open the trail together with the previous maintenance section on October 16. Thanks to the cooperation of many people, the trail was transformed into a very beautiful trail.

Thank you to all the participants!


Course maintenance (November 13, 2022)


Sixteen cooperative members participated in this year’s meeting.
The meeting is about to start. The trees around us are changing colors.
Before maintenance (1)
There is no human traffic and it is in disrepair.
Before maintenance (2)
Fallen trees are everywhere.
Before maintenance (3)
A series of bushes blocking the way to go.
Before maintenance (4)
The road is too narrow to proceed as it is.
Extensive underbrush is handled at once with a mower.Human tactics and people power are great.
More leaves are falling. We will put a firm path where it is difficult to find.Maintaining the area around fallen trees cut with a chainsaw.
We will finish the trail clean.
After maintenance (1)
The trail is now spacious.
After maintenance (2)
The outlook became brighter.
After maintenance (3)
A fallen tree that was blocking the way was cut down!
After this, the fallen tree was pulled to the edge, making it even more comfortable.
After maintenance (4).
Comparing with (4) before maintenance…
It is hard to believe that it is the same place!
A commemorative photo at the work completion location. Thank you, participants!


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