Ibaraki Kenpoku Long Trail Course Maintenance Report ⑦

Maintenance was carried out on July 25, 2021.

Participants centered on the Ibaraki Kenpoku Long Trail Cooperation Corps,
We have maintained Okameyama.
Weeding, collecting grass, cutting fallen trees, etc.
The trail is clearer and easier to walk than before.
Okameyama has many routes where you can enjoy the spectacular scenery.
Please look forward to the opening.

Course maintenance (July 25, 2021)

This time, 20 members of the cooperation
team participated in the event.
This time it seems that maintenance can
be done under the blue sky.
This time, this member will maintain it.
thankfully the number of repeaters has
First, to the maintenance start point
Walk for about an hour.
After passing through the mountain road,
you will reach the idyllic village scenery.
You can go back and forth between
mountains and villages it is one of the
attractions of the Ibaraki kenpoku Long Trail.
Arrived at the maintenance start point.
We will share how to proceed with the
work and start maintenance.
For weeds that grow vigorously,
The brush cutter is very useful.
Sasa, who covers the mountain trail,
Cut with pruning scissors.
After weeding
Carefully trim the path with a rake.
Sugi blocking the mountain trail,
It cannot be overlooked as it is.
Cut with a saw …Move to the side of the mountain trail
and you’re done.
The fragile dead tree branches
Cut off for safety.
In the rock ridge where the wind is
comfortable we all have a fun lunch.
While looking at this view
It was a pleasant lunch break.
With this, I will do my best in the
afternoon maintenance.
Shortly after, I arrived at the eastern
peak of Mt. Okame.
I could see Mt. Nantai and Mt. Nantai
in the distance.
This is the summit of Mt. Okame.
To the yellow of the long trail tape
The green of the trees and the blue
sky shine well.
In the afternoon to enjoy the scenery
We pioneered a route along the ridge.
Making full use of saws and pruning
scissors carefully cut down the branches
and leaves that pop out into the rocks.
with this,
It seems that you can enjoy the
scenery safely.
With this maintenance
Covered with bamboo grass like this
Even the invisible mountain trail
Clean and comfortable
The trail has been transformed
into a trail.
The road of Sasa that grows so thick
It was a wonderful mountain trail
that could be mistaken.
The maintenance of Mt. Okame is
completed today.
Thank you everyone.

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