Hitachi-no-Kuni Long Trail Course Maintenance Report 29

February 4, 2024 Course maintenance was performed.

Course maintenance (Feb.4, 2024)

After work was postponed due to rain, the first maintenance activity of the year was the installation and maintenance of guideposts in the Toriage Pass and Mt,Sekison areas.

It is a cold morning, but this is the first
maintenance activity of the year,
so we have a thorough meeting
and begin the work.
A short stop at a spot with a great view.
The clear air allows you to see far into
the distance.
In this work, we will also install road
signs. First, we will clean and trim the
surrounding vegetation.
After trimming, a suitable hole is dug
without waste, using specialized tools
as well.
After excavation, the road markings are
positioned by checking them with a
level or similar device, taking into
consideration ease of viewing
and safety.
Once the location is determined, the
guideposts are carefully buried with
crushed stones and soil.

Once dug up, a hammer is used to
apply firm pressure to stabilize it.

By taking the time and effort to perform
the various steps in the process, a solid
wayfinding system can be established.
During this activity, trail maintenance
was also carried out at the same time.
The road is really pleasant after
The ability to view this great ocean even
while trekking is another unique aspect
of the Hitachi-no-Kuni Long Trail.
Many people attended, including
first-time participants.
Thank you very much for your

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