Ibaraki-Kenpoku Long Trail Course Maintenance Report -23

July 8, 2023 Course maintenance was performed.

Course maintenance (July 8, 2023)

This time, a new road was constructed to connect to the existing route. Despite the uncertain weather conditions, we were able to finish the work a little early and without getting rained on.

Meetings are held well in advance of
the start of the project to ensure
that work can be done efficiently
even in uncertain weather conditions.
After the meeting, we moved to the
maintenance point.
We proceeded in the fresh green
and clean air.

Maintenance will now begin.
This maintenance will also be
a new route.

The bamboo grass is
growing quite well.
We will work through the bushes.

As we work together, the route is
getting better and better.

The natural umbrellas minimize
the effects of rain.

The path is clean when the grass is
raked off with a rake as a finishing
A pleasant open ridge path was created.

The route through the fresh greenery
is complete!

The path through the woods is
really nice!

Maintenance was completed even with
limited time!
Thanks to all participants for their
hard work in uncertain weather

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