Ibaraki Kenpoku Long Trail Course Maintenance Report ⑨

Maintenance was carried out on September 19, 2021

Participants led by the Ibaraki Kenpoku Long Trail Cooperation Corps maintained the area around Nishikanasa Shrine.
The mountain trail and the direction of Mt. Okame, which have been used for a long time at the Nishikanasa Shrine small festival, have been improved.
Finally, the entire section of Ryujin Big Suspension Bridge-Okameyama-Nishikanasa Shrine has been completed.
There are also hidden famous spots such as Anryugataki around the course, so you can enjoy various ways.
Please look forward to the opening.

Course maintenance (September 19, 2021)

Twenty-five cooperative members took part in this year’s event. Maintenance and utilisation leader This is the third outdoor training.All members of the team review the maintenance process.
In the morning, trails used for shrine festivals were maintained.The area around the torii is overgrown with grass and trees, and the mower is expected to be very active.
Bamboo grass onto the trail and it was difficult to see clearly ahead.Once outside the forest, you are greeted by grass that has grown to the height of…
Photo from the other side. In the open, the grass is healthy.Fallen trees were also visible. From their condition, it appeared that they had been down for some time.
Maintenance has started.Cut vegetation with a brush cutter to improve visibility.Cut the fallen tree carefully with a chainsaw
Together they carry it out of the trail.After weeding and removal of fallen trees, the land is cleared neatly with a rake.
The area around the torii, which was overgrown with grass, is now so much cleaner.The bamboo grass that covered the trail have been cut and the ground is now light.
The road is now clearly visible.However, these areas are likely to require regular weeding in the future.
There are no fallen trees and you can walk comfortably.The view is clear and you can walk comfortably.
We also paid a good visit to the Nishikanasa Shrine.The maintenance of the Ryujin Suspension Bridge – Mount Okame – Nishikanasa Shrine has been completed!
Thanks to the cooperative team for their hard work.

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