Area information around Kamiogawa

Area information around Kami-Ogawa Station on the JR Suigun Line, which is the entrance to the Ibaraki Prefecture North Long Trail / Central Area.

Chofukuji Temple

Chofukuji is the first temple to visit the Seven Lucky Gods of Daigo, which enshrines Jurojin, the god of health and longevity. In the second year of Chogen (1029), Umeka Ritsushi was built as a temple of Risshu, and then in the first year of civilization (1470), Yoshifusa Ogawa, the lord of the Satake clan, invited the Zen master Odori to become the Soto sect. I did. The double gate “Yamamon” of the Sanmon family, which has both power and delicacy, is registered as a cultural heritage of Daigo Town and welcomes visitors.

Unique campsite

Along the Kuji River in the Kamiogawa River, there are many campsites full of wildness. How about finding a base that suits your style and traveling the Ibaraki Prefecture North Long Trail?

There are many wonderful places and scenery in Kamiogawa other than those introduced here.
When you walk the North Long Trail in Ibaraki Prefecture, be sure to explore the Kamiogawa River from the campsite.

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