Area information around Shimonomiya Station

It is the area information around Shimonomiya on the JR Suigun Line, which is the entrance of the Ibaraki Prefecture North Long Trail / Central Area.

Kondo Shrine

There is a nostalgic and rustic cityscape around Shimonomiya Station, and you can make enough discoveries just by taking a leisurely stroll. If you walk a little, you will reach the banks of the Kuji River, where you can see the beautiful stream of water and the scenery of the rocks. About a 5-minute walk from Shimonomiya Station, there is the venerable Chikazu Shrine, where you can visit with a quiet feeling.
▼ Kondo Shrine

Overlooked eight views

If you walk toward Tsukimachi Waterfall from Shimonomiya Station, you can see the splendid river flow and the steep mountain surface. This area is also an area where scenic views, which were once named “Overlooked Hakkei” by Mitsukuni Mito of the Tokugawa family, gathered in the Edo period. You can enjoy the wonderful scenery that has been popular since the Edo era even before you enter the mountain in earnest.
▼ The spectacular views scattered around here are overlooked eight views

Tsukimachi Waterfall

Tsukimachi Waterfall, which is one of the eight scenic spots overlooked, is a famous waterfall visited by many tourists. It is also a rare waterfall that you can enter behind the waterfall without getting wet. The waterfall that flows through the terrain created by the lava flow in ancient times is usually a two-storied “couple” waterfall, but when the amount of water increases, a “child” waterfall appears and becomes a parent-child waterfall. For this reason, it has been a place for “Tsukimachi Waterfall”, a gathering of local women who wish for safe delivery and family well-being since ancient times. It seems that it has become.
▼ Tsukimachi Waterfall

Ichirou Apple Garden

Ibaraki Apple Garden Direct Sales Office, which is the entrance to the course that opened earlier in the North Long Trail in Ibaraki Prefecture. The Okukujiringo season, from October to December, is crowded with people who are looking for delicious apples.
▼ Ichirou Apple Garden Direct Sales Office

We have compiled information on the surrounding area from Shimonomiya Station to Tsukimachi Waterfall. I definitely want to visit it when walking the Ibaraki Prefecture North Long Trail.

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