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HISTORICAL-SE04:History of the townhouse – a hearty village life

The village that stretches slightly north of the Harutomo district and east of the SE-36 Kuroiso Bakke has long been called Machiya-juku, and has a history of prosperity as a major post station on the Tanagura-kaido highway. The narrow road along the Satogawa River west of the national highway was once a highway, and old monuments, guideposts, and Jizoson can be found here and there in the surrounding area.
The remains of the Machiya gold mine are located under the cliff of Kuroiso Bakke, and it is said that gold was produced there since the Satake clan in the Warring States period. Although suffering from the treatment of spring water, mining continued intermittently until the Showa period (1926-1989), contributing to the comfort of the village.
In addition, Machiya was a key location for transportation and information exchange, and was also used as a road leading to Higashikanezuna Shrine.
Machiya is an interesting area where one can glimpse the history of how “roads” have guided people’s lives.

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