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HISTORICAL-SE03:Oiwa shrine – a journey watched over by one hundred and eight pillars

In recent years, the Oiwa Shrine has been attracting attention as a powerful power spot. Mt. Oiwa itself is a sacred place of faith with a long history, so much so that the description of Mt. Oiwa can be found in the Fudoki (the oldest chronicle of Japan in the country of Hitachi). In the course of its long history, various forms of prayer, including mountain worship and ancient Shintoism, have been attracted to the shrine, and a total of 188 gods and Buddha are enshrined.
Once you step into the shrine grounds, you will feel a solemn atmosphere of isolation from your surroundings, and you will feel as if you are being watched over by the gods and Buddha who are enshrined here and there. It is said that a pillar of light reaching into the universe rises from the sacred rock at the top of the mountain. If this many gods and Buddha were there, perhaps their power can be seen in the eyes of astronauts.
We should visit the Miwa Shrine with good manners and a pious heart, for we are grateful that it seems to watch over us on our journey.

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