March 23, 2022 Published in the May issue of Randonnee

The Ibaraki Kenpoku Long Trail was introduced in the media “Randonnée,” which supports people looking for their own unique outdoor fun with the keywords “nature” and “travel.
Okameyama,” which is located on the course that was extended and opened to traffic this spring, is featured in this report by outdoor writer Ms. Nakajima, who actually hiked up Mt. Okameyama. In addition to the spectacular views that can be encountered there, the report includes plenty of local information essential for “walking trips” on long trails, such as the Hitachi-Soba noodles and day-trip hot springs that can be enjoyed at the foot of the mountain.

Please take a look at the May issue of Randonnée and enjoy the Ibaraki Kenpoku Long Trail in the style that suits you best.

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