Hitachi-no-Kuni Long Trail Course Maintenance Report 31

February 17, 2024 Course maintenance was performed.

Course maintenance (Feb.17, 2024)

This activity involved the installation of signposts in the Mt.Hanazono and Mt.Eizomuro areas.

We will have another thorough meeting
today to explain and confirm the work
to be done.
We were joined this time by President
Tsubaki and other members of
the Rotary Club of Kitaibaraki!
We proceeded to the point where the
signpost was placed while listening to
the historical story of this area.
Participants will share installation
procedures as they work together.
We work carefully, taking into
consideration ease of viewing
and safety.
The signposts are buried firmly,
taking care not to damage them.

Lunch time at the top of Mt.Hanazono.

The conversation is held at the
observatory in the Mt.Eizomuro, which
was renovated last year thanks to the
efforts of the Rotary Club of Kitaibaraki.
Once the area around the installation
is weeded and cleaned up…
We will set up a signpost path in this way.
It was a full day of maintenance and I
learned a lot by interacting with
senior maintenance staff.
The mountains are supported by many
people. We would like to continue to
cherish them.Thank you to all who

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