November 11, 2023: Ibaraki Long Trail Cooperative Leaders Training Session was held.

November 11, 2023: Ibaraki Long Trail Cooperative Leaders Training Session was held.

In the “Takabu” area of Hitachi-Omiya City, in the north central area of the prefecture, a workshop was held to learn about the history and culture of the area and its preservation and utilization, focusing on “Takabu-date(高部舘)” and “Mukodate(向舘)”, mountain castles that make the most of the topography, as well as “Kiutei(喜雨亭)” and “Yokoen(養浩園)”, which are registered tangible cultural properties, and the townscape that has continued from the middle ages.


Gathered at the “Miwa” Mountain Village
Development Center to review the
outline and itinerary of the
training program.
First, he gave us a good explanation
of the geographical background.
We will then head to the mountain castle
They will explain the history of the streets
and the region, and the power struggles
in the Middle Ages.
Thanks to the “Association for Harmony
between Forests and Communities”
people, the “takabu-date” is
back in the present.
The experience of attacking a mountain
castle by taking advantage of the terrain
is now underway.

There are many contrivances, such as
“Kuruwa(曲輪)” and empty moat ruins
that take advantage of the topography.
Listen to the explanation of the structure
that takes into account how to make
the most of the topography and even
the field of view.
After the training at “Takabu-date”,
we went to “Suwa Shrine”,
the local Shinto shrine.
Learn about the culture and the feelings
that have been carefully maintained by
the people of the community.

After leaving “Suwa Shrine,” we went to
“Kiutei” and “Youkoen” after lunch.
We were briefed on the historical
background of the area and its
ongoing development.
“kiutei” is said to have
been modeled after “Kairakuen”‘s
and is a nationally registered tangible
cultural property.
Listen to the guide’s story.

There were many learning experiences
for the leaders who participated.
They saied “My view
of the mountains has changed.” and
“It is amazing to see so much historical
The reconstructed “Takabu-date” and surrounding heritage sites.
The idea of utilizing the old and connecting it to the next generation in a cyclical cycle is
similar to the Hitachi-no-Kuni Long Trail.
We will continue to conduct training sessions from time to time so that the knowledge
and experience gained this time can be applied to the future development and
utilization of the Hitachi-no-Kuni Long Trail. Thanks to all who participated.

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