Ibaraki-Kenpoku Long Trail Course Maintenance Report -27

November 12, 2023 Course maintenance was performed.

Course maintenance (Nov 12, 2023)

This time, maintenance activities were conducted on the newly established course from Owada to Oshinuma.

Once again, a new route had to be developed, but thanks to the hard work of the cooperative team, we were able to successfully complete the work on the target section.

Suddenly, winter is approaching
and temperatures have dropped
As this will be another newly
established course, the planned
coursearea will be greeted
in its natural state.

Now it’s time to start maintenance!
The trail is full of fallen leaves and
dead branches.
Larger fallen trees are also
carefully removed.
Although there were times of drizzle
to light rain, the natural umbrellas
in the mountains kept the work
going smoothly without getting
wet from the rain.
We will create shields with fallen
trees and branches at points
along the route where people
might get lost,
to make it easier to find their way.

Even though the bamboos have
grown so thick that it’s hard
to see what’s ahead…

The maintenance of the trail will
create a bright trail.
Lunch at the break.
There is also a glimpse of hot
foods in a pot of hot water.
Conversation is also encouraged
and warmed up.

After lunch, we take another break!
A pleasant course has been created
where you can also walk along the
ridge path.

Once again, we handed out volunteer
activity certificates to those who
worked as maintenance and
utilization leaders for a year.
Thank you for your continued support.
The Hitachi-no-kuni Long Trail,
which is being extended one
after another.
We are grateful to all of the
cooperative members who
have made this possible.
Thank you all
for your participation!

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