Ibaraki Kenpoku long trail course maintenance report-20

19 Mar 2023 Signpost work and time measurements were carried out.

Signposting work and timed measurements of route sections (19 Mar 2023).

Signposting work and time measurements were carried out with the Ibaraki Kenpoku Long Trail Cooperation Team.
The route from the Takasuzu entrance to the summit of Mt Takasuzu, passing through Mt Oiwa, was used for the installation of guideposts.
This time, the cooperative team members divided up the work, identifying the arrows to be displayed on the decals of the wayposts that had been set up so far, and measuring the time between the wayposts.
Thanks to the cooperation of all participants, the work on the target section was successfully completed.

Thank you very much!


Nine cooperative members took part in this year’s event. The work was carried out in groups.

The approach to the Oiwa shrine is through the approach to the shrine.
We have also paid our respects.

We hit a hard spot.
Excavated with a pickaxe.

The cooperative team had gardening sheets. They were very helpful in carrying large quantities of stones and soil.

After installation of signposts (1)After installation of signposts (2)

The direction of the arrow indicating the destination is determined in relation to the signpost.

This is an important task that climbers use as a landmark.

Wrap the Kenpoku LT tape.
When you get lost, it’s a relief to find it.

The summit of Mt Oiwa, the view was beautiful.
Thank you to all the participants!


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