Ibaraki Kenpoku Long Trail Event Report ①

October 23, 2021 Autumn hiking event was held

At the Ibaraki Kenpoku Long Trail Course
We held a monitor event “Autumn Hiking Event”.
It was a little early for the full-scale autumn leaves, but under the refreshing autumn weather, it was a lot of events where you can enjoy the nature and gourmet food of Okukuji, such as Namasefuji, Takinozoki, Wataru, and coffee time at Okutaki Sanso. I did.
Thank you to everyone who participated!

Autumn hiking event (October 23, 2021)

19 people participated.
Everyone is ready.

Stretch and loosen the body that has
hardened in the cold.

When the body is warm, it’s time to start.Follow the Namasefuji trailhead.

At first, a gentle climb continued.Walk in the woods where the sunlight
through the trees feels good.
Such a place is also one of the courses.
While talking to each other
I did my best and climbed up.
Arrived at Namasefuji.
The scenery of the autumn sky and the
satoyama was very beautiful.
Namasefuji To another superb view.
The ridgeline of the rock that stretches
smoothly is full of thrills,
You can enjoy a sense of altitude that
you can’t think of as a low mountain.
There is such a place in Ibaraki!
Most of them came for the first time
Everyone was impressed.
It is a commemorative photo with the
autumn sky in the background.
Next to Namasefuji, we aim to peep
at the waterfall.
Arrived at the waterfall peep.
Here you can overlook Fukuroda Falls
from directly above it is a little-known spot.
Finally, go to the adventure point.
The first step is throbbing.At the mountain cottage, there are stands
here and there with the delicious aroma of
coffee ,he greeted me.
 He brewed coffee in front of me.
Wait for the completion with my cup.
One cup, one cup, politely.
I will look at it unintentionally.
This time, it’s so popular that you can
even line up ,we also have an apple pie
made by Mitsusaku Toyonen.
On a pretty wooden plate
He served it.
The special plate is completed.
This pretty wooden plate is
it is made of Sugi from Daigo Town.
Coffee and apple pie plates
it was very popular with everyone.
From the stand here and there
I also received such a wonderful gift.
Thank you ~!
When my stomach is full,
Leave the mountain cottage and proceed
with the rest of the course.
It’s almost time to reach the goal.I managed to get back at the right time.
I was able to finish the event without any injuries.
Thank you to all the participants!

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