Ibaraki Kenpoku Long Trail Course Maintenance Report 10

May 8,2022 Maintenance performed.

Participants,mainly from the Ibaraki Kenpoku Long Trail Cooperation Team,maintained a section of the Mt. Takaruzu –Harutomo.
Although there were no existing trails in the area,with the cooperation of all participants,we were able to open up a new clear path with a clear field of vision.
This maintenance has connected the Hitachi Alps to Harutomo. Please look forward to the opening.

Course maintenance (May 8,2022)

This time,16 cooperative members
participated in the event.
This time,this member will maintain it.
First maintenance of the year,good luck!
It is approximately 3 km to the maintenance point.
They carry maintenance equipment and move on foot.
Enjoying the fresh greenery in the pleasant breeze
We walked comfortably.
Before maintenanceBefore maintenance
Before maintenanceBefore maintenance
Maintenance begins. First, the overgrown vegetation near the entrance is cleared with a brushcutter and chainsaw.The mower was a great help. In no time at all, the bushes were gone.
When the entrance has been made, the branch-cutting shears and rake team will also move in.Mown grass and trees are moved out of the way.
Shrub remnants are also carefully cut from the base of the tree.Thick fallen trees were cut into small balls with a chainsaw and moved out of the way.
The finishing touch is to clear the path of fallen leaves with a rake.After maintenance
The end of the road is now clearly visible.
After maintenanceAfter maintenance
After maintenanceThe work went smoothly and maintenance was completed by mid-morning. We will descend after lunch.
On the way down the mountain, we stopped at Osawa Falls. The rocky surface of the waterfall basin, where the rocks have been eroded into a circular shape, was covered with azaleas.The maintenance was completed on schedule in pleasant fresh green surroundings. Thank you to all participants.


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